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StaffCop Software Description

StaffCop allows you to efficiently monitor your employees’ activities during their work time: monitor in real time (acquire screenshots, list of currently running applications and open web sites) and generate miscellaneous reports for any particular time span.

The Actual Problem
We have researched a number of different companies and have concluded that a great deal of their employees do not use their work hours very efficiently; and as a result, the companies suffer significant financial losses.

These are some of the most common ways that employees’ cause financial loses to their employer:

Personal communication with friends, relatives, and other people via e-mail and instant messengers (MSN / Yahoo Messenger, AIM, etc);
Playing Computer games during work hours;
Visiting entertainment and other web sites needless for carrying out one’s work duties;
Using the computer and other office equipment for one’s personal needs;
Sending confidential business information to competitors via the electronic communication channels;
To solve these and other related problems, we have created the StaffCop system, which is devoted to putting your company’s computer equipment usage under your complete control.

The Working Solution
With StaffCop, you can control and analyze your employees’ work schedule as follows:

Get complete analysis and detailed reports on how your employees use their work hours, and then use that data as the starting point for optimizing the work schedule of a single specialist, a particular department or the entire company;
It will allow your corporate security specialists and/or the company’s management team to access the reports generated by StaffCop; Online monitoring of employee’s activities will allow you to correct that employee’s actions and direct them as appropriate. We are positive: with our system, just about any manager can get a better assessments of how their employees spend their time at work and thus cut the overhead costs and raise the company’s net profit.

How does StaffCop Work?
Our performance control system consists of the two parts technically referred to as “Administrator” and “Agent”. Let us review the jobs that these components do.

The “Agent” is installed on the employee’s workstation to gather and transmit information on how that computer is used.

The “Administrator” is installed on the system administrator’s workstation. It lets the administrator manage the system, add required number of Agents, monitor remote computers, collect information from them, generate the reports.

Thus, the job comes down to installing the agents on the computers that need to be monitored (remote installation is available) and installing the client on the workstation of the person in charge of monitoring them.

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