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Personal Timeclock

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  • Personal Timeclock
  • Personal Timeclock
Personal Timeclock
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Personal Timeclock Software Description

Personal Timeclock (TM) keeps track of the time you spend on your computer, easily and accurately. When you start working on a project, all it takes is two clicks of the mouse to check in. You can organize your projects into different categories, and you can add memos to record extra information. You can also keep track of time you’ve spent away from your computer.

The flexible report generator lets you create summaries of your work, or list all of the details. You choose what data to print, how to sort and subtotal it, what dates to select, and how to format the report. You can save your report definitions for future use, and you can also export your data to spreadsheet and database programs.

The built-in tutorial makes it simple to learn how to use Personal Timeclock. There is extensive help illustrated with many examples to answer all your questions.

There are other time manager programs, but Personal Timeclock is so simple that you won’t mind using it, and it does just what you want it to do.

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