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DForD SourceCoding 2010

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  • DForD SourceCoding 2010
DForD SourceCoding 2010
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DForD SourceCoding 2010 Software Description

DForD SourceCoding is a professional development environment and program source code browser. It’s familiar and fast and you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it. DForD SourceCoding has variant built-in code analyzers for those popular programming languages including C, C++ and so on. DForD SourceCoding parses all source files in the solution, displays symbols of the currently editing file, especially for C and C++ source code, there is relationship between functions and other symbols which may be displayed. DForD SourceCoding maintains a separated symbol database for each solution, and keeps the database updated, so that users always get the updated symbol and relationship informations. DForD SourceCoding is designed for large, demanding, real world programming projects.

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