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Comparison Chart

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  • Comparison Chart
  • Comparison Chart
Comparison Chart
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Comparison Chart Software Description

Create informative and visually appealing comparative diagrams.

Every day you have to deal with comparing different products. And if your work is connected with marketing, advertising or product manufacturing, you not only have to compare, but to show the comparison results to your co-workers and supervisors. The most informative way is to create a comparison diagram or chart.

Creating a comparison chart was not so easy a task before. To get a visually appealing, comprehensive and easy to handle diagram you had to possess the skills not only of a marketing or advertising specialist, but also of a graphic designer. Now with Comparison Chart creating diagrams is as easy as piece of cake.

You don’t have to worry about the order of your lines and columns beforehand: with Comparison Chart you can change their relative position at any time just by drag and dropping. No more aligning your text and images – it’s all done for you automatically.

Need to use chart at your website later? Save the diagram as a .jpg or .gif image file or export to HTML to use at a webpage later. Do you want to print your comparison chart? No problem, all Comparison Chart diagrams are easily printable. You can set the printing options or print just selected pages.

Comparison Chart is fully customizable. You can set up the text and background colors, change the font and text alignment. Create special reports containing only the information you need: get several specific charts from a single source file. For better presentation change the font settings and the color schemes. Prepare comparative charts in your company’s colors.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitively understandable. With Comparison Chart creating comparative diagrams will become an easy and pleasant task. It’s a great way to improve your productivity and efficiency.

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