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Alive Business Organizer

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  • Alive Business Organizer
Alive Business Organizer
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Alive Business Organizer Software Description

“Alive Business Organizer represents a versatile personal electronic organizer for control of your personal information. Alive Business Organizer allows you to create and plan your activities, keep an address book of personal and business contacts, create events, make remarks, keep an arbitrary number of diaries, etc. It is possible to automatically form and display a time table or a calendar for an arbitrary interval of time, remind about a forthcoming event or task, and create repeated (at arbitrary intervals) entries.

Alive Business Organizer has all tools necessary for comfortable work:

– The built-in scheduler of tasks provides correct planning and timely announcement of any activities, meetings, memorable dates, etc. An automatically formed time table ensures an efficient management of your private and business time.
– The address book integrated in Alive Business Organizer stores an arbitrary number of personal and business contacts.
– The task manager built into Alive Business Organizer ensures efficient planning of required tasks. Alive Business Organizer will remind you about any forthcoming activity. You may alter or withdraw this activity.
– The event manager built into Alive Business Organizer will not let you miss any important event (a memorable date, a birthday, etc.). All current and forthcoming events are displayed in the personal time table.
– An arbitrary number of personal diaries may be kept in Alive Business Organizer.
– The integrated text editor offers a lot of means for correct and efficient preparation of documents, printing, viewing and formatting.
– The built-in graphic editor ensures viewing, conversion to different formats, layout and color correction of any images, photographs or pictures.

Alive Business Organizer – Plan your world!”

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